BKS® TriMax

  • Balanced Articulating Motion
  • Accommodates up to 150° of Flexion
  • Optimized Patellar Tendon Relief
  • Enhanced Box Dimension


BKS TriMax™ is an enhancement to the Balanced Knee® System. It offers balanced articulating motion. It was designed for a full range of motion with deep flexion. Simple and intuitive instrumentation to facilitate balancing of the knee.

Femoral Component

Bone preserving femoral component is designed for increased stability and full range of motion with deep flexion (up to 150°). Increased posterior condyle offset and enhanced box dimension. Available in 9 sizes with narrow options.

Vitamin-E Tibial Insert

E-Vitalize® crosslinked Vitamin-E polyethylene developed specifically with knee kinematics in mind, maintains strength and oxadative stability. Designed with an optimized patellar tendon relief. Tibial inserts available in 7 sizes in 1mm increments for more accurate ligament balancing.

Locking Mechanism

Patented one-step tibial insert locking mechanism provides 94% less micromotion than traditional locking mechanisms.

Patellar Component

E-Vitalize crosslinked Vitamin-E polyethylene
Dome shaped, three-peg design
Available in 5 sizes

Designing Surgeons

Friedrich Boettner, M.D., New York, NY
Nathan G. Momberger, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT

The BKS® TriMax is compatible with select components from the Balanced Knee® System and BKS® Revision


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