BKS® Primary Solutions

  • Balanced Articulating Motion
  • Full range of compatible options in the BKS line
  • Excellent survivorship and outcomes1
  • Easy transition to BKS Difficult Primary and Revision Systems


The Balanced Knee System offers proven and reproducible results and has over 20 years of successful clinical use.

Femoral Component

  • Available in Cruciate Retaining (CR) and Posterior Stabilized (PS)
  • Standard and Narrow sizes
  • Size one-up and one-down between femoral component and tibial insert
  • Easy transition to BKS Difficult Primary and Revision Systems
  • Smooth articulation through full range of motion
  • Consistent reproducibility in the hands of every surgeon
  • Simple, precise, and intuitive instrumentation

Tibial Insert

  • Available in Cruciate Retaining (CR), Ultra Congruent (UC), and Posterior Stabilized (PS)
  • 1mm increments for precise ligament balancing
  • E-Vitalize Crosslined Vitamin E Polyethylene to maximize wear performance
  • GUR 1020, Compression Molded, 7.5 Mrads

Tibial Tray

  • One-piece design for overall component strength
  • Bone-conserving keel design

  • Unique, patented one-step tibial insert locking mechanism to address and reduce micromotion
  • Continuous peripheral rail fully captures the tibial insert to ensure resistance to high shear forces
  • Ideal for high demand active patients

Patellar Component

  • Dome shaped, three-peg design
  • E-Vitalize crosslinked Vitamin-E polyethylene

The Balanced Knee® Primary System includes BKS® and BKS TriMax®, and are compatible with select components from the BKS® Difficult Primary and BKS® Revision Systems.

1 “Cumulative Incidence of Revision for a Balanced Knee System at a Mean 8-Year Follow-Up: A Retrospective Review of 500 Consecutive Total Knee Arthroplasties” Michael H. Bourne, Tony L. Miller and E. Marc Mariani



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