Balanced Knee® System

  • Proven and Reproducible Clinical Results
  • Simple and Intuitive Instrumentation to Facilitate Balancing of the Knee
  • Patented one-step Tibial Locking Mechanism
  • Easy Transition to the Balanced Knee® Revision System


The Balanced Knee® System offers proven and reproducible results and has over 17 years of successful clinical use. Simple and intuitive instrumentation facilitates balancing of the knee.

Femoral Component

Available in Posterior Stabilized (PS) and Cruciate Retaining (CR)  in 9 different sizes with narrow options.
Designed with an open box to minimize inercondylar bone removal and to allow access to the canal for I/M nail implantation.
The trochlear groove is deepened without the need for additional bony resection in all options.

Tibial Inserts

Cruciate Retaining (CR), Ultra Congruent (UC) and Posterior Stabilized (PS), and Posterior Stabilized (PS) E-Vitalize® options with 7 different sizes in 1mm increments.

Tibial Tray

One-piece design for overall component strength with bone-sparing keel design. Available in 7 sizes.


Patellar Component

Dome shaped, three-pegged design. Available in conventional and E-Vitalize polyethylene.

Designing Surgeons

Michael H. Bourne, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT
E. Marc Mariani, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT

The Balanced Knee® System is compatible with select components from BKS TriMax™ and  Balanced Knee® Revision System.

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