Balanced Knee® Revision System

  • Primary to Revision System Compatibility
  • Numerous options for Augmentation
  • Modular stems available in cemented and fluted options


The Balanced Knee Revision System combines precision and reproducibility for superior results. The system offers modular femoral and tibial components along with augments and interchangeable stems, offering options to surgeons with patients requiring revision knee arthroplasty procedures.

Modular Femoral Component

Junction box allows for A/P translation of the femoral stem. Distal and posterior augmentation options to restore joint line and bone loss. Available in 7 sizes.

Modular Tibial Tray

Hemi wedges in 10° and 20°, and hemi blocks in 5mm, 10mm and 15mm provide solutions for patients with tibial bone loss. Modular stems with variable stem placement to maximize proximal tibia coverage. Available in 6 sizes. 


Tibial Inserts

Posterior Stabilized (PS) inserts available in 1mm increments in conventional and E-Vitalize® polyethylene. Constrained (CK) inserts are designed with a central pin for strength, compatible with BKS Revision Modular Femoral and Modular Tibial Components. 

Locking Mechanism

Patented one-step tibial insert locking mechanism provides 94% less micromotion that traditional locking mechanisms. Continuous peripheral rail fully captures the tibial insert.

Patellar Component

Dome shaped, three-pegged desgin. Available in convetional and E-Vitalize polyethylene.

Designing Surgeons

Michael H. Bourne, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT
Thomas F. Calton, M.D., Ogden, UT
E. Marc Mariani, M.D., Salt Lake City, UT

The Balanced Knee® Revision System is compatible with select components from the Balanced Knee® System and KASM® Knee Articulating Spacer Molds.

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