Pagoda™ Pedicle Screw System

  • Low-Profile, Low-Volume Head Design optimizes surface area around the implant to accommodate graft material while minimizing soft tissue irritation
  • Unique Rod Capture Feature provides a "snap-in" fit to provisionally seat the Rod
  • Friction Fit of Polyaxial Head simplifies Rod implantation
  • Low-Torque Technology requires less torque (65 inch-pounds) for final tightening and minimizes torsional forces on pedicles


Pagoda is a comprehensive posterior, top-loading pedicle screw system. Pagoda screw technology incorporates an advanced low-volume, low-profile polyaxial head providing 60° range of motion. The system includes:

Contoured 5.5 mm diameter Rods
Easy-start Set Screws
Color-coded implants to facilitate implant identification during surgery
Monoaxial and Reduction Screws
Offset Rod Connectors and Transverse Connectors

Compatible with Vusion® OS and Vusion® TS/PS offered by Ortho Development.

Spine Distribution opportunities are available, contact us for more information.

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