Escalade® Acetabular Shell

  • Designed to maximize head size while maintaining bearing thickness
  • Combination taper and snap locking mechanism
  • Anti-rotational tabs are flush with the shell on all liners
  • HXPLE Neutral and Hooded Liners


The Escalade Acetabular Shell was designed to maximize range of motion capabilites. The enhanced instrument offering accommodates less invasive surgical approaches.

Acetabular Shell

  • True hemisphere design
  • Available in sizes from 42mm - 70mm
  • 3-Hole and No-Hole options


Polyethylene Liner

  • Desgined to optimize polyethylene thickness in the principal bearing area
  • Locking tabs facilitate ease of insertion and provide exceptional anti-rotational stability
  • Utilizes a GUR1020 resin for superior mechanical properties, 7.5Mrad gamma irradiated crosslinking process
  • Proprietary thermal treatment to eliminate free radicals, EtO sterilized to maintain crosslinked integrity
  • Flush and hooded options available
  • +0 Liner truly flush with shell 


Femoral Heads

  • Available in sizes ranging from 28mm-40mm
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • BIOLOX®delta Ceramic

Compatible with the Entrada®, Ovation®, Ovation Tribute®, and Alpine® Hip Stems offered by Ortho Development.

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