Encompass® Cemented Hip Stem

  • Optimized neck geometry allows for greater range of motion
  • A/P normalization steps to help with stabilization in the cement mantle
  • Four-fin design distal centralizer
  • Standard and extended offsets maintain a consistent 132° neck angle


The Encompass Cemented Hip Stem was designed with optimized neck geometry to allow for greater range of motion, and A/P normalization steps help with stabilization in the cement mantle.

Encompass Stem

Available in 4 sizes with standard and extended neck offsets
Bullet tip design for ease of insertion into the femoral canal
Horizontal neck cut helps preserve medical carcar bone and allows for better visualization

Femoral Heads

Available in sizes ranging from 26mm-40mm
Cobalt Chrome
Biolox® Delta Ceramic

Compatible with the Escalade® Acetabluar Shell, Pivot Bipolar® and Solitude® Unipolar products offered by Ortho Development.

Hip Products