Alpine® Hip Stems

  • Optimized dimensions for excellent fit and proximal fixation
  • Progressive Neck Lengths
  • Streamlined instrumentation for reproducible results and intraoperative flexibility between stems


The Alpine® Hip System is designed with optimal refinements to the best clinically proven technologies in the market. The stems are offered in cemented and cementless options with common instrumentation for ease of use in the O.R. The Alpine Hip System offers surgeons intraoperative flexibility to meet the needs of patients with a wide range femoral geometries. 

Alpine Hip System

  • Optimized neck geometry improves overall range of motion
  • Progressive neck lengths with 5-8mm of direct lateralization
  • Ream and Broach technique that can be used Broach-only
  • Both stems have a reduced length to easily accommodate multiple surgical approaches

Alpine Cementless

  • Clinically proven conical taper design
  • Progressive 1mm distal sizing
  • Titanium plasma spray coating to promote solid, long-term fixation
  • High-strength Titanium Alloy
  • Polished tip to mitigate distal point loading
  • Offered in 12 sizes in both standard and extended neck offsets

Alpine Cemented

  • Satin surface finish (Ra=20 micrometers)
  • Oval cross-section neck to diminish impingement and improve range of motion
  • 2-3mm circumferential cement mantle
  • Distal centralization to achieve consistent circumferential cement mantle
  • Offered in 7 sizes in both standard and extended neck offsets

Femoral Heads

Available in sizes from 26mm-40mm
Cobalt Chrome
BIOLOX®delta Ceramic

Compatible with the Legend® Acetabular Shell, Escalade® Acetabular Shell, Pivot Bipolar® and Solitude® Unipolar products offered by Ortho Development.



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