Ortho Development Expands Partnership with Ortech Systems as Data Registry Partner in Japan

Device design and manufacturing company takes next step in capturing “owned evidence” to improve implant efficacy.

May 19, 2015 | Audience: News Release |

London, Ontario (May 19, 2015) – Ortho Development Corporation, a privately-held company whose majority shareholder is one of Japan’s largest distributors of medical devices, Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, Inc., has chosen to expand their partnership with Ortech Systems by introducing a multi-site study registry in Japan that captures intra-operative and implant data, as well as patient-reported outcomes. Ortho Development is currently collecting clinical data in the U.S. with Ortech Systems.

Ortho Development, working closely with Ortech Systems, will collaborate with surgeons using its BKS TriMax™ knee replacement system to measure and analyze patient progress after surgery. The BKS TriMax provides a comprehensive system of implants and surgical instrumentation designed to help surgeons achieve maximum balance, articulation and motion for their patients. The data collected will be used to show clinical evidence of the efficacy of the BKS TriMax and also help Ortho Development’s engineers make future improvements to devices and processes for total knee arthroplasty.
“In the United States, we are capturing data that will show us how to make a great device even better,” said Brent Bartholomew, President of Ortho Development. “Surgeons want evidence that an implant improves the outcome, and Ortech helps us to go directly to the source by tracking patient-reported outcomes. Expanding our data collection to Japan will enhance our ability to design product specific for their unique market needs.”

Orthopaedic surgery takes a few hours, but patients live with their implant every day thereafter. That’s why it has become essential for orthopaedic surgeons and manufacturers to capture evidence of performance. Ortho Development has engaged Ortech to introduce this tracking mechanism in Japan in order to collect clinical data and efficacy, as well as performance of the device.

“Ortech has supported Ortho Development’s journey in capturing important clinical data, and we’re excited to extend that relationship to Japan,” said Michael Barr, Vice President at Ortech Systems. “Ortho Development has demonstrated a commitment to delivering the best products for orthopedic surgeons – and in turn better patient care.”
Ortech was founded to help surgeons and health systems find a better way to collect and analyze data. Initially, this data was used to publish research in peer-reviewed journals – and after years of development for this purpose, Ortech had developed the most robust, detailed library of orthopaedic implants out there. Today, Ortech uses that registry to capture data across implants and patient-reported outcomes – and see how data points intersect across surgeon, implant, outcome and patient-reported outcome.

About Ortech Systems

Ortech guides specialty clinics, health systems, state-wide registries and manufacturers in achieving evidence-based orthopaedics with its complete data-capture platform giving organizations the ability to mine data – connecting patient to implant to clinical outcome to patient-reported outcome. Ortech has designed and currently manages large-scale registries including the California Joint Replacement Registry, the Michigan Arthroplasty Replacement Collaborative Quality Initiative and the North American Spine Society Registry.

Ortech`s web-based product was designed in collaboration with leading orthopaedic surgeons across North America, allowing healthcare providers to efficiently capture intra-operative and implant data, as well as patient-reported outcomes in order to measure and analyze patient progress.  Many hospitals and private clinics use this data to measure quality of care, track and improve the patient experience and benchmark against national standards.

About Ortho Development Corporation
Ortho Development Corporation is a medical device design, manufacturing and sales company. The company develops and markets orthopedic implants and surgical instrumentation for knee and hip replacement, trauma fracture repair, and spine treatment. The company was founded in 1994 and is located in the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper, Utah. Ortho Development is passionate about making a difference and dedicated to improving lives through making the best, clinically-proven, high performance orthopedic devices in the world. For more information, visit www.odev.com.

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